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Stage3D Workshop Meeting #1
Entry posted on Mar 04, 2013 by sergeygonchar , tagged Event

Stage3D Workshop Meeting #1 on 6th April 

Hello guys! I want to announce the next meeting. It's called the Stage3D Workshop Meeting. Only practical stuff(with downloadable source code). if you have interesting solutions or just want to share your experince about any engine, just connect, share you screen with code or presentation and talk about it. It can take from 5 min to 45min(max) + 10 min on Q&A. Please write here your name, theme, minutes of your workshop.

Thank you guys! See you soon!)

Stage3D Online Conference #1
Entry posted on Mar 04, 2013 by sergeygonchar , tagged Development,Event,Video

It was awesome event. Thank you guys for coming!
Conference record is here

1) Sergey Gonchar
2) Daniel Freeman – MC3D, slides
3) Jean-Marc Le Roux – Minko, slides
4) Rob Bateman - Away3D, slides
5) Gary Paluk – Zest3D, slides
6) Peter Shtif Stefcek – Genome2D
7) Ariel Nehmad – Flare3D, slides

Please join to the Stage3D facebook group

and of course a few photos :)

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